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  EMS Cadets begin to accept applications for membership in August of each year. Registration will begin in the first week of September and the program will begin in the third week. For members of a High School First Responder team
we have open recruitment throughout the year on a case by case basis.


The EMS Cadets program accepts youth 15 years old at the time of application.  A member will age out at the end of the program year in which they turn 19.

All new applicants will be required to provide:

  • Complete Application packages
  • Copy of your Birth Certificate
  • Copy of your Alberta Health Care
  • Fundraising Cheques*
  • Application Fee of $50*

A parent or guardian must accompany you when making your application to the program, original witnessed signatures are required on all application documents.

The EMS Cadets Parent Council will also be seeking new membership for the society, please consider volunteering your time to make the EMS Cadets program a better experience for all the youth involved.

* If you are suffering financial hardship you may make an application to the EMS Cadets Parent Council to have your fee’s waived.

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