EMS Cadets - Training Youth… for Life!

Frequently Asked Questions


How long can I be an EMS Cadet for?

A member can stay until the end of the program year in which they turn 19.  At that time the member can have completed all the aspects required to be employed as a member of the Emergency Medical Services.  If a member chooses not to join EMS they may apply to return to the program as a supervisor.

How old do I have to be to join?

Candidates can register for the EMS Cadets after their 15th birthday.

I am an adult, can I join the EMS Cadets?

The EMS Cadets is a youth focused organization, as an adult there are opportunities to support the program as a group supervisor or instructor.  If you are interested in these opportunities please use the contact us form for more information.


How often do the EMS Cadets meet and are youth expected to be at every meeting?

The EMS Cadets meet once a week for training between September and June.  Members are encouraged to attend every meeting so they keep their knowledge and skills current.  Members that are unable to attend may request a leave of absence that will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the operation leadership team.


How do I know my child will be safe attending your program?

While 100% safety can never be guaranteed the EMS Cadets take the safety of our members very seriously.  All members of the EMS Cadets must provide annual Police Record Checks.  Additionally all adult members participating in the program must provide an Alberta Child Welfare Screening and also attend the Prevent It! workshop developed by Little Warriors, a program focused on recognition and prevention of child sexual abuse.

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